Money & Markets Report: March 21, 2024

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00:00:30 Theme: TikTok ’til the Big Event
00:01:00 Genocide in Gaza
00:01:13 Israel approves plan to attack Rafah but keeps truce hopes alive
00:03:48 Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signs proclamation condemning antisemitism while vetoing bill defining it
00:05:19 “Hag” is now antisemitic
00:08:22 Time to invest in Israel, says former US treasury secretary Mnuchin
00:11:53 Steven Mnuchin Says He Is Putting Together a Group to Buy TikTok
00:15:55 Fed Watch
00:15:57 “If anything happens, it's not suicide”: Boeing whistleblower's prediction before death
00:20:41 Where Boeing Went Wrong
00:25:28 On Today’s Absurd New York Times Hit Piece
00:30:40 Japan brings era of negative interest rates to an end with first hike in 17 years
00:35:09 Elon Musk’s SpaceX Developing Spy Satellite Network For US
00:40:09 Who Is Nicole Shanahan? RFK Jr.’s Possible Running Mate Is A Tech Lawyer Once Married To Google Founder Brin
00:44:33 Tyson to shutter Iowa pork plant, impacting more than 1,200 jobs
00:50:16 Why the TikTok Ban is So Dangerous
00:56:53 Space, Military, Global Turf Wars
00:57:04 Europe Is Wargaming a Food Crisis
01:00:36 Hey Robot (AI, CBDC, Crypto, Biometrics)
01:00:42 J.P. Morgan plans biometric payments rollout with PopID in 2025
01:07:16 Pharmageddon
01:07:23 Heroic doctor dies days after exposing deadly COVID-Vax component
01:13:33 Whistleblower Targeted After Exposing 973% SURGE in Heart Failure Among Navy Pilots
01:15:24 Pushback and Take Action
01:16:05 Harvard Tramples the Truth
01:22:33 Stop de propaganda
01:26:00 NBA legend John Stockton sues WA AG’s office over COVID bans
01:29:53 Charts
01:31:57 In house at Solari
01:32:02 Weekly Interview: Free Speech and Financial Freedom
01:34:50 NC should be first in financial freedom
01:38:10 Pushback of the Week: Ray Flores, Cash Warrior
01:39:23 Three Tips to Help You Dive into the Solari Report
01:40:19 Meet and Greet Schedule: FT2