Money & Markets Report: July 4, 2024

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00:00:58 Theme: Who Is Behind the Fireworks this July 4th?
00:01:36 Genocide in Gaza
00:01:42 To become a German citizen you now must recognise Israel's 'right to exist'
00:05:05 War in the Ukraine
00:05:18 SITREP 6/20/24: Putin Signs Defense Partnership in Historic Pyongyang Trip
00:10:00 Ukraine Holds Talks With Creditors About Possible Debt Restructuring
00:14:02 Fed Watch
00:14:06 “Biden is sharp as a tack”
00:22:52 SCOTUS ends “independent” Justice Department fantasy
00:29:12 SCOTUS ends Chevron Deference - how much it matters
00:37:22 Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Team Up to Transform Nuclear Power
00:38:48 Carlyle, KKR win auction for Discover Financial's $10B student loan portfolio - FT
00:42:16 Home prices just hit a record high. Here are 4 things to know about housing
00:48:51 US Attorney Confirmation of Destruction of DNC Emails by Julian Assange
00:55:02 Space, Military, Global Turf Wars
00:55:08 Le Pen’s far-right party wins first round as Macron’s snap elections gamble backfires
00:59:25 Hey Robot (AI, CBDC, Crypto, Biometrics)
00:59:30 CDK Global calls cyberattack that crippled its software platform a "ransom event"
01:07:33 Pharmageddon
01:07:38 SCOTUS ends Sacklers’ evasion of responsibility for opioid epidemic
01:17:39 Walgreens will close a ‘significant’ number of its 8,600 US locations
01:22:04 Pushback and Take Action
01:22:05 Tom Massie’s wife dies suddenly
01:24:52 Tractor Supply slashes its DEI and climate goals after a right-wing pressure campaign
01:29:27 McDonald's says no thanks to plant-based burgers
01:31:04 World Economic Forum Is 'Toxic Workplace' Facing 'Numerous Accusations of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Against Women and Black People': WSJ
01:38:49 Charts
01:48:57 In house at Solari
01:49:01 Action of the Week: July 1, 2024: Growing Intelligence about Alternative Transaction Options
01:51:48 Idaho 2030: A Vision of Freedom with 5 Idaho State Legislators
01:54:33 Global Bioengineering: A History of Blood Clotting with Clifford Carnicom
01:58:43 Musings on Department of Defense
02:01:21 Meet and Greet Schedule: Fall 2024