Money & Markets Report: May 23, 2024

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00:00:28 Theme
00:01:01 Genocide in Gaza
00:01:09 Arrest warrant for Netanyahu a PR disaster for U.S.
00:05:18 ICJ: Israel rejects South African claims Rafah offensive is final phase of plan to wipe out Gaza
00:11:25 War in the Ukraine
00:11:37 Russia lacks skill to achieve breakthrough, says U.S. general [U.S. Gen. Cavoli]
00:13:40 We will have a big Russia problem for years to come. [Gen. Cavoli]
00:16:35 Russia lacks manpower & ammunition; will cease its war in 10 days, says Ex-US Commander
00:20:49 Inside Nato’s giant military exercise preparing for potential war with Russia
00:25:18 Fed Watch
00:25:27 FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg will resign following a scathing investigation that detailed a toxic workplace
00:33:34 Barge strikes bridge in Galveston, causing closure and oil spill
00:36:16 Systemic Risk Management for Nonbank Mortgage Servicers
00:43:21 Biden’s China Tariffs Are the End of an Era for Cheap Chinese Goods
00:46:13 President Biden agrees to debate Donald Trump twice before the election
00:50:57 RFK supports the leaders of financial control - that is support for central control
00:56:10 Space, Military, Global Turf Wars
00:56:32 The DragonBear-Hug Signals Unprecedented Expansion of Ties
01:01:02 Iran’s president has died in office. Here’s what happens next.
01:05:26 France imposes state of emergency, bans TikTok in (its colony) New Caledonia!
01:07:40 What slain world leaders have in common
01:11:08 Hey Robot (AI, CBDC, Crypto, Biometrics)
01:11:15 Long lines form and frustration grows as Cuba runs short of cash U.S. Currency in Circulation
01:15:48 Pharmageddon
01:15:54 The Financial Incentive to Murder and Poison American Children
01:20:04 Pushback and Take Action
01:20:07 To the Governor: Louisiana Passes Bill to Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender
01:29:45 Tennessee Senator Frank Niceley: Control of the Food Supply — Beef is the Number-One Target
01:33:48 Charts
01:39:25 In house at Solari
01:39:29 Weekly Interview: Your Car Insurance with Matt Hale
01:41:47 Hero of the Week: Robert Fico, Slovakian Prime Minister
01:42:40 Want to Organize and Event? Now Booking Meet and Greet Schedule for Aug. - Nov.
01:44:07 Titus and Corbett: Did Fink Save the Dollar?