Your Car Insurance with Matt R. Hale

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00:00:19 Introduction
00:02:20 Meet and Greet Sandpoint
00:03:35 The importance of Car Insurance
00:07:26 Electric Car Issues Part 1
00:14:48 Impact of Sensors and Digital and Surveillance Tech
00:17:40 Fraudulent Business Model
00:18:32 The Allstate Story
00:31:45 The Auto Insurance Ecosystem
00:35:00 Insurance Through a Broker
00:41:48 How to Find a Good Insurance Policy, Understand the Terms and Conditions
00:55:15 Enforcement: Local Police and Troopers
00:59:55 Healthcare and Hospitals
01:02:30 Social Media and Surveillance Impact
01:05:54 Hot Coffee
01:07:00 Importance of Archiving
01:08:57 Car Rental Issues
01:10:44 How to Get Educated on Insurance
01:13:00 Maintaining Due Diligence
01:15:01 F. Independent Catastrophic Polices - AAA
01:17:22 Recommendations: Acquiring Your Policy
01:19:33 Electric Car Issues Part 2
01:21:16 Healthcare Proxy
01:22:24 Conclusion