Money & Markets Report: May 16, 2024

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00:00:21 Theme
00:01:42 Genocide in Gaza
00:01:46 How can Israel know how many Hamas it's killed and not know how many civilians it's killed?
00:11:47 War in the Ukraine
00:11:56 Today [1/1/23] the UK has ended all imports of Russian Liquefied Natural Gas
00:12:25 “Putin cut off gas supplies and it has had a devastating impact on people's lives” - Sunak
00:16:16 NATO Ally Issues Stark Warning of New World War With Russia
00:21:10 Fed Watch
00:21:13 Montana man, 68, begs for moratorium on property taxes a er bill reaches $8K just ‘to live in our own house’
00:25:25 Use of Electronic Identification Eartags as Official Identification in Cattle and Bison
00:28:50 Bank of England keeps interest rate at 5.25% for 6th time, seeks more proof inflation under control
00:31:07 Will there be any presidential debates at all?
00:34:37 Warren Buffett's $56 Billion Silent Warning to Wall Street May Portend Trouble for Stocks
00:43:25 Social Security Faces Serious Financial Shortfalls, and Other Takeaways from the Trustees Report
00:45:32 OASDI FY 2023 Report
00:50:46 Starbucks Stock Is Collapsing: Should You Buy Shares Today?
00:58:00 Space, Military, Global Turf Wars
00:58:06 US officials seek to snuff out Iranian oil transfers in Southeast Asia
01:02:18 Hey Robot (AI, CBDC, Crypto, Biometrics)
01:02:20 Security News This Week: Microsoft Deploys Generative AI for US Spies
01:06:38 Pharmageddon
01:06:43 Britain refuses to sign global vaccine treaty that would force it to give away fifth of jabs
01:09:17 AstraZeneca withdrawing Covid vaccine worldwide
01:18:56 Pushback and Take Action
01:19:00 Nebraska Ends Income Taxes on Gold and Silver, Declares CBDC’s Are Not Lawful Money
01:20:58 15 Nations Spurn WHO Pandemic Preparedness Agenda
01:23:18 They need to back off': Farm states push back on Biden’s bird flu response
01:28:48 Charts
01:41:12 In house at Solari
01:41:18 Hero of the Week: Senator Jack Johnson
01:43:49 Pushback of the Week: Philipp Kruse
01:47:40 Meet and Greet - Rogue Food at Polyface Farm, Swope VA